How to keep rodents out of my garbage

The battle against having rodents in your house may look like it’s over once you’ve gotten rid of them, but many of them are smart enough to come right back. Most often, it’s due to the tempting and alluring smells of our garbage.

Garbage cans sitting outside our homes are common and easy targets for rodents. Especially during the night, rodents will scavenge thoroughly through our garbage cans in hopes of finding food. As a result, mornings consist of streets covered in scraps from torn up trash bags that is up to us to pick back up.

Having rodents around our homes is not only unpleasant to see, but it is also a dangerous heath hazard; particularly for children that tend to play outdoors.

This might be considered an obvious method to avoid pests in our garbage but keeping garbage cans securely closed at all times is very important. This helps smells from spreading and being appealing to rodents, as well as making it challenging for them to actually get inside them.

When putting in a lid isn’t enough, one strategy that can be done to keep rodents off outside garbage cans, is to pour a bad of ammonia in the bag before trying it. Ammonia is a great rodent repellant; as soon as they catch a whiff of it, they will turn away.

Investing in metal garbage cans can help keep rodents from getting into the actual bags. Plastic cans tend to absorb scents and are easy for rodents to gnaw through. Metal cans don’t hold on to any odors. Changing your plastic cans to metal ones is a small but worthy change that can save you from a lot of trouble.

Although it may seem natural and normal to gather and put our garbage cans on the street once the ones from indoors have been emptied, it is advised to try and keep them “indoors”. By “indoors”, a locked, wooden structure or shed around garbage cans is recommended to be built. Besides helping your street with a more aesthetically pleasing view, it is an efficient way to keep from making a mess on the streets.

Emptying the garbage cans from inside our houses on a regular basis is very important to keep rodents from getting inside them, and especially from getting indoors. Accumulating garbage to too long produces prominent smells that can attract mice and rats. If your house is not sealed or fenced properly, not one, but many mice risk entering and infesting your house. Disposing properly of our waste is also an important step to avoid smells and odors from spreading. Running wrappers, jars, containers and cans down with water before they are thrown out are a good way to keep smells to a minimum. If foods does need to be thrown out. It Is recommended to keep it at the bottom of the bag, so that the rest of the trash masks and covers the smells over.

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